Lake Langano

Lake Langano is 210kms south of Addis Ababa. This blarzia-free lake is a popular resort of swimming, aquatic sports, sunbathing, camping and bird-watching. The soft brown waters of Langano are set against the blue backdrop of the Arsi Mountains soaring 4, 000 metres high. A few birds make Langano their home but this resort is less for the nature lover than sportsman and sun worshipper. Here you can water ski and sail, swim or bask in the blazing sun on the sloping sandy beach. European food is served in the hotel restaurant but the tilapia is good and cooking freshly caught fish over the camp fire has its own special attraction. The local Oromo women are often prepared to sell jewellery or utensils; copper bracelets or brass; bead necklaces and cowries shell decorated milk pots.