Bird Watching Itinerary for 4 Days

Day 01: Arrival

Arrive in Addis Ababa- the third highest capital in the world lying between 2300 - 2500 meters, be met by our representative and get transferred into your hotel.

Day 02: Ghion Hotel

Ghion hotel collections include Ruppell’s and Hooded Vultures, and the Peculiar endemic Thick-billed Ravens, plus such less obtrusive species as Brown -rumped Seed eaters, Grey-headed Sparrows, Baglafecht’s Weavers, Abyssinian Slaty and Dusky Flycatchers, Africa Rock Martins, Tacazze Sunbirds, Red-eyed and Dusky Turtle Doves, and endemic Wattled Ibises and White -collared pigeons.

Day 03: Excursion to Gefersa Reservoir

Travel a short distance to Gafersa Reservoir, situated just outside Addis, a magnificent and rewarding habitat where a range of bush and wetland species can include as many as a quarter of Ethiopia’s 29 endemic birds. Blue -Winged Goose, Wattled Ibis, Rouget’s Rail, Abyssinian Long claw, Banded Barbet and Black-headed Siskin are amongst the endemics that may be seen.

Day 04: Excursion to the Debre Libanos  // Departure

Drive on to the Gorge -carved deeply by a tributary of the Blue Nile- explore the forested escarpment above the monastery of Debre Libanos, where you will look for the endemic Ruppell’s chat, then walk along the lip of the gorge (a good Spot for a picnic with a spectacular view) where Lammergeiers, Ruppell’s Griffons, Lanner Falcons, Fan-tailled Ravens, Black Kites, and the endemic White-billed starling Soar. Lower down, on the lookout for the splendid Gelada Baboon, found in no other part of the world, and the endemic White-Winged Clift Chat.

Later this day, you will be transferred to the airport according to the flight time for your final departure.