Trekking in the Simien Mountains for 12 Days

12 days of trekking to see Gelada Baboon, Jinnbar river falls, giant lobelias, Jinnbar falls and other sites.

Duration: 12days

Day 01: Fly to Gondar and then drive to the magnificent worth seeing Simien Mountain National Park and camp at Sankaber 3,250m today you will see a group of Gelada Baboon in a very close range.

Day 02: Set off for Geech 3,580m, this will take between 5-6 hours.

See the Jinnbar River and falls, cross the river later in the day. And then, ascend for about an hour to Geech, which is full of Giant Lobelias.  The scenery is wonderful.

Day 03: Climb nearby Imetgogo 3,926m. From Imetgogo see all the surrounding countryside and walk to Saha 3,750m and Qadadit to get other perspectives.  In Qadadit see lots of Gelada baboons. Return to Geech, and late in the afternoon; walk towards the Jinnbar Falls to get a great view of the sunset.

Day 04: Today, walk to Chenek 3,620m, about 5-6 hours. Cross valleys before coming to Chenek, this is situated on the escarpment among plenty of Giant Lobelias and wonderful views of the lowlands. Here one may be able to see the elusive Walia Ibex.

Day 05: Trek from Chenke to Ambiko 3,200m, about 6-7 hours, at the foot of Ras Dashen via the Bahwit peak (4430m) and see Walia Ibex on the cliffs. Cross the river Mesha and pitch camp not far from the small village of Ambiko.

Day 06: On this day climb to Ras Dashen, Ethiopian’s highest peak at 4620m high and back to Ambiko. It takes about 8-9 hours.

Day 07: Depart Ambiko for Erkwazie 3,800m, about 7 hours walk. Erkwazie is on a plateau, very misty at dawn, but with brilliant views once the sun has risen.

Day 08: On this day trek to Mount Silki, it is about 2 hours, for exceptional scenery and panoramic views. Walia ibex are often seen here. Continue to Sona 3,200m.

Day 09: Walk from Sona to Mekerbya 2000m. It takes about 5-6 hours.

Day 10: Walk from Mekerbya to Mullet 1800m.It takes about 5-6 hours.

Day 11: Meet by our driver and transfer in to Simien Lodge.

Day 12: Drive back to Gondar