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Historic Route by Flight – 8 Days

Harar – 4 Days

Historical and Cultural Tour by Surface 15 Days

Travelling overland in northern Ethiopia is a beautiful experience, equally full of fascinating history as an adrenaline-filled adventure and gorgeous dramatic landscapes. The northern part of Ethiopia hides intriguing historical mysteries and numerous UNESCO World Heritage. Travelling through northern Ethiopia is a chance to immerse in magnificent mountain landscapes and soak in daily life and […]

Historical and Cultural Tour by Flight for 6 Days

Historical and Cultural Tour by Flight 9 Days

Ethiopia has been inhabited for thousands of years and archaeologists have uncovered dozens of ancient and prehistoric sites, with some human settlements dating from 800 BC. Over the centuries it has been a crossroads of African, European and the Middle Eastern cultures; of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It has seen the rise and fall of […]

Timkat – Ethiopian Epiphany Jan 19 / 20

Every year an event is celebrated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church on the 10th of Tir, or 19th or 20th of January during a leap year of Georgian calendar called the Timket. Timket or Epiphany is an event which celebrated with great zeal, enthusiasm, and respect to commemorate the actual baptism of Jesus Christ in River Jordan. […]

Meskal: Finding of the True Cross September 27

Genna : Ethiopian Christmas January 07

Genna is Ethiopian Christmas and coincides with other Orthodox Christmas celebrations around the world.  The feast marks the end of the 40-day fasting period of Advent.  On Christmas Eve, the faithful participate in church services through the night before celebrating with family and friends on Christmas day.

Trekking in the Simien Mountains for 12 Days

12 days of trekking to see Gelada Baboon, Jinnbar River Falls, giant lobelias, Jinnbar falls, and other sites.

Trekking in the Simien Mountains for 14 Days