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Trekking in Tigray Church by Air – 10 Days

Historical and Cultural Tour by Surface 15 Days

Travelling overland in northern Ethiopia is a beautiful experience, equally full of fascinating history as an adrenaline-filled adventure and gorgeous dramatic landscapes. The northern part of Ethiopia hides intriguing historical mysteries and numerous UNESCO World Heritage. Travelling through northern Ethiopia is a chance to immerse in magnificent mountain landscapes and soak in daily life and […]

Danakil Depression Tour

The Danakil Depression is a sprawling desert found in the Afar region of northern Ethiopia, close to the country’s border with Eritrea. The best way to get to the Danakil Depression is via a domestic flight into the nearby town of Mekele, followed by a 3-4 hour drive into the desert. Visitors can choose to […]

Ashenda / Shadey Festival – August 23