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General Information About Ethiopia

Important Words for Communication

There is no space here for a definitive glossary; Ethiopia has 83 languages and more than 200 dialects! Fortunately, Amharic or Amarigna is widely spoken throughout the country. Tenastilign = Hello/how are you? Chiao! = Good bye Sintino? = How much is it? Widdino = It’s expensive Efellegalow = I want Alfelegum = I don’t […]

Planning And Costing Your Iternary

Explore the origins of man with a noted paleoanthropologist and see ‘Selam’ who lived nearly 150,000 years before Lucy. Ethiopia’s attractions are so numerous and diverse that here we can only provide a rough guide to the possibilities. We will be happy to work with you to tailor make an itinerary to meet your timetable, special needs and interests, and your budget. There is […]

Responsible Tourism

Traveling to Ethiopia Tips

Historic routes: the central highlands have a temperate climate with an average temperature of 20-27oc. and possible to be reached either by daily flight or drive from Addis Ababa. Simien and Bale National Parks: generally quite cool at day times and often very cold in early morning and night times. Mostly the temperature ranges from […]